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The Army Reserve is an indispensable part of the United States defense strategy. The Army Reserves work in conjunction with the Active Army and the National Guard to ensure the safety and integrity of our Nation.
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Reserve Requirements To Join

To enlist in the Army Reserve you must be:

  • Between the ages of 17–39
  • A U.S. citizen or registered alien - U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens (people who have an INS I-151/I-551 "Green Card") may join the U.S. Military
  • Healthy and in good physical condition
  • In good moral standing

You do not have to have prior military service to join the Army Reserves. How do you join the Reserves? There are two ways.

  • You can enlist or
  • You can become an officer.

You can join the Reserves as an Officer through

  • ROTC
  • Officer's Candidate School (OCS)

Success in any branch of the Military depends on a good education, and a high school diploma is most desirable. Candidates with a GED can enlist, but some services may limit opportunities. It is very difficult to be considered a serious candidate without either a high school diploma or accepted alternative credential. In any case, staying in school is important for entering the Military.

As part of the entrance process for any service, prior to Boot Camp, you will receive a physical exam. During that exam you will be asked about your overall health.

A criminal record may disqualify you from military service. If you have a criminal record you need to talk to a recruiter in order to evaluate your particular situation.

Non-citizens may enlist, but cannot reenlist (extend their enlistment beyond their first term of service) unless they become naturalized U.S. citizens. However, after service of three years, additional residency requirements for citizenship can be waived. The Military does not assist in immigration naturalization process. For enlistment purposes, the United States includes Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, The Northern Marianas Islands, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands. Citizens of certain countries may require a waiver to enlist. These include citizens of countries considered hostile to the interests of the United States. For more specific information on the current list of hostile countries, or for other specific questions, Contact An Advisor.

You should also not be undergoing any civil actions; certain law violations will disqualify you. You are not required to have a High School Diploma. There are also weight and physical fitness requirements that must be met in order to join the U.S. Army.

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