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For soldiers who want direct access to the portal sponsored by JAGCNet, go to the Legal Services Web site. Unsure if you qualify for legal assistance? Refer to the following information:

Reserve Component (RC) soldiers and their family members are eligible for limited legal assistance services through the Army Legal Assistance Program, pursuant to Army Regulation (AR) 27-3.

General Eligibility

Those soldiers, and their family members, must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for limited legal assistance:

  • Serve on active duty for more than 29 days, pursuant to orders
  • Serve on active duty for a period of 29 days or less duty, pursuant to orders
  • Undergo Pre-Mobilization Legal Preparation (PLP)

*Supervising attorneys may limit legal assistance to emergencies or to certain categories of cases based on availability of expertise or resources.

Reserve Component Eligibility

RC soldiers and their family members who do not meet eligibility criteria above may be entitled to receive legal assistance from RC Judge Advocates. These soldiers and their family members include:

  • RC members on military administrative matters
  • RC members and their family members as part of PLP
  • RC members assigned to Troop Program Units (TPU) or as Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA), or alerted for mobilization, or with personal legal matters and needs that may adversely affect readiness
  • RC members with personal legal problems and needs that have arisen from, or been aggravated by, their mobilization. (Such assistance must commence not later than two years following the mobilized member's release from active duty.)
  • RC members of the Armed Forces of the United States, and their family members, who are receiving military retirement or disability
  • Surviving family members of AC, RC, and retired members of the Armed Forces of the United States who would be eligible for legal assistance if the service or retired member were alive

Supervising attorneys may limit legal assistance to emergencies or to certain types of cases based on the availability of expertise or resources.

Military Assistance/Information Portal

The JAG encourages RC members to explore the military legal assistance/information portal, sponsored by the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. This portal provides general legal information and assists one in finding a legal assistance office. Use this site as a starting point of your personal legal preparedness, or to locate a local legal assistance provider.

If you are in the Metro St. Louis area, are eligible for legal assistance, and can personally come to HRC St. Louis, call (314) 592-0678 for an appointment.


Additional links that may provide general information or assistance

Resource Web Site
The American Bar Association (General Information) www.abalawinfo.org/
The Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org
The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (Local Lawyer Referral Service for Metro St. Louis area) www.bamsl.org/public/index.html
The Federal Consumer Information Center (Source of information and free publications on a variety of topics) www.pueblo.gsa.gov/
The Federal Trade Commission (Information on consumer/credit/financial issues) www.ftc.gov
Internal Revenue Service www.irs.gov
State by state listing of volunteer programs designed to assist the deployed and mobilized military personnel www.abanet.org/legalservices/helpreservists/lamphrdirectory.html


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